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    Reach Media Center Pro™
  • Reach Media Center Pro™

    The Reach Media Center Content Management Server is a mature distribution platform built on the most secure operating system made (CentOS7.3)....

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  • REACH H.323/SIP Video Conference Record and Stream Server——CH50/100/500
  • Reach H.323/SIP

    REACH H.323/SIP Video Conference Record and Stream Server---CH50/100/500 Centralized server for recording, streaming, and archiving multimedia conferences. Typical application:Training,CEO broadcasts,Town hall sessions,Knowledge sharing,Mass communications...

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  • Wireless live video production system

    Wireless live video production system

    Wireless switching,streaming and recording server -YC300

    Wireless HD PTZ camera YC200

    Wireless HD encoder YC100

  • Reach media conqueror yCat

    Portable media capture solution base on wireless signal delivery All-in-one device with 14inch LCD touch screen to offer up to 5 full HD video sources capturing,mixing,switching,recording and live streaming Built in 5.8GHZ wireless antenna ,Portable design and easy move and place. 4K wireless camera include HD wireless encoder include to capture ...

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  • All in one systems for recording,streaming and switching



    Bee9 plus

    Compare Reach Bee serials system

  • Media Master Bee8+

    Bee8+ is a kind of high-performance video recording and playing based on the latest video processing chip. The device integrates high-definition video, audio, VGA, USB and other interfaces, automatically recognizes the signal source, records and generates general MP4 format video files. The system can easily realize the PC, tablet computer and other multi-point cooperative management control, can cooperate with the Reach Media Center Pro platform to carry on the Internet direct broadcast, supports the Android, iOS and other mobile terminals to share the resources...

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  • Reach Media conqueror Bee8

    Stand lone device to offer 3 full HD video resource capture,mixing,switching,live streaming and remote management QR code scan and mobile App to local signal monitoring and receive live streaming Built in hard disk storage and video management platform Content full screen feature when do live streaming。。。

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  • Reach Media conqueror Bee9 plus

    All-in-one device offer 6 full HD synchronized recording,live streaming,switching, and remote management. 4K video signal capture support Built in audio DSP and 4-way video conference module Built in auto tracking sensor and online director...

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  • Distribute systems for 48 video signals recording,streaming and switching with low latency

    Distribute host server CF48

    HD Encoder ENC1200S

    SD Encoder ENC110S

    VGA Encoder ENC120S

    HD Decoder DEC1000

  • Reach Media conqueror REX

    Distribute system super flexible to combine different room and signal recording at same time。 Include high quality full HD synchronized recording,storage,live streaming server and HD encoder and decoder Muti-source recording and streaming,maximum up to 48 video recording and streaming synchronized,include HD camera,network camera,laptop,digital Micphone Achieve muti-source live streaming,each video maximum support 8 image split live streaming synchronized Support low latency 。。。

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  • HD PTZ cameras and Joystick

    HD PTZ Camera



    PTZ camera HD20-N is equipped with a professional SONY 1/2.8” Progressive CMOS with 2.1 megapixels output resolution that delivers a superb clear and vivid live image...

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  • Keyboard Controller CKB-02

    • 4D joystick for pan/tilt/zoom/focus control, ergonomic design and excellent finishing; High brightness OLED display;

    • Auto backlight keys;

    • Shortcut keys customization;

    • Sleep functions;

    • Batch program cameras in the systems;

    • Support Pelco D/P, VISCA protocols;

    • Multi-level protection from unauthorized operation or setting;

    • 256 address; ...

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